Book keeping and payroll service needing help fleshing out how to charge.

I'm currently in project management for an insurance restoration company and leaving it tomorrow after working a 30 day notice. I've been there a year and have figured out that I'm not a good fit because I don't know the construction industry well enough to really be successful in this position.

What I have learned is that 1) NONE of our subcontractors have their own website or custom email address 2) NONE of our subs use any kind of online or electronic book keeping service 3) NONE of our subs use a scheduling platform, any kind of CRM, or produce financial reports for themselves to track growth or loss.

I know how to set up all of these things and do them well from previous jobs. I figure I could easily manage 5 subs at a time for all of these things. My question to you guys is how would you charge for ongoing scheduling, book keeping, reporting, invoicing, and simple payroll services? I'm thinking as a flat fee + 2.5% of each invoice processed or something like that. Any thoughts?


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