Small toruism business

I mistakenly posted this on /r/Startups and was told to move here.

I am 25 and have inherited a plot / property after my father died of cancer one year ago. The process of heritage (heirdom?) took almost a year. [Poland, Europe]

So, the land that is now mine, is located 2-3kilometers form the sea. I had a vision of building small wooden quality houses to rent there (near the national park forest) at the quiet-er side .The plot is located at the rim of the city, BUT in close proximity of the railroad which generates quite some noise. As the plot is long i had a plan of using the farther-away part of this land and plant some trees to decrease the noise coming from trains passing by. City counts ~7.000 inhabitants but it lives off tourists (~100.000 people present) during sumer season as the city itself lies by the sea. The problem is, city doesn't want to allow me to do such thing, forcing me to only use the part of the land just by the railroad AND near the main entrance route. It looses many qualities there, and it would be stupid to expect people to pay to sleep next to the railway, as I wouldn't like to sleep there myself (during summer it's likely everyone would prefer to sleep with windows open). So I guess any accommodation-like ideas are off the table, and I feel like I'm not suitable for owning any catering related bussiness.

Therefore I'm a bit lost here. What do you think of activities like LaserTag? I have never "played" it, but in bigger cities from what i have heard its kinda popular. And during season we have a big influx of young people. Would You have any advices / ideas / pointers what would be worth investing in in my position? I mean different people from different countries notice different things and have different ideas.

edit: I meant Tourism business


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