Drop Shipping NOT Frowned Upon?

I recently gave up my engineering degree to get into business, and I wanted to start an internet business selling Native American jewelry, arts and craft, paintings, the works. I am Navajo and grew up on the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and if any of you been there, you'll know it's not a "happy" place. It's a lot of poverty and a low class of living. For a lot of families, selling their art is the only means of income, compared to a regular job, it amounts to being lower than minimum wage. My business purpose is aimed to help boost income to those types of families. With that being said, I was looking for examples of where drop shipping has worked in a business, or if someone could help me understand it more. I don't have the small details of how it works down to a tee yet. Forgive me if I made grammatical errors or misformatted my text as English is not my first language. I appreciate any help.


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