Some questions for sellers of goods of r/small business! (And a dumb but potentially great growth strategy)

I'm planning on launching a product in several months. A soooooort of deceitful growth strategy occurred to me:

Basically- I want to create a false sense of demand to fool business owners into stocking my product, to then drive as much traffic as possible to those businesses to then meet the supposed demand. In the end, everybody makes more money and the customers receive tremendous value.

1.) If I get my friends to enter your business and ask for my product, not necessarily by name, but by it's unique selling point, every day for 2 weeks, how likely are your staff to mention it to you?

2.) If I were to then give you a call, or drop in, and offer to supply this "in demand product" how likely are you to stock it given the "proven" demand?

3.) If after you've stocked this product, and fewer people were asking for it (because my friends aren't going to spend their entire lives asking for my product), would you suspect something fishy was going on? How long would it take you to discontinue stocking the product? (Of course, I'd be simultaneously running extensive marketing so that as many people as possible entered your business asking for the product. Now that it's actually there. I only make money if you make money.)

4.) Is this a bad idea? Has this been done before?

Thanks for reading!


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