Having trouble with Adwords? I manage over $3M in annual Adwords spend. AMA!

I posted this AMA in the entrepreneur sub a couple weeks ago and people found it very helpful so I decided to post here as well!

I had been working full-time in search engine marketing (ppc) and decided to start building an agency on the side as well. Recently 2 others that I work with in the industry and I teamed up to work on building a digital agency together. We manage over $3M/yr (and growing) in ad spend. AMA about account structure, choosing the right keywords, ad copy, ad extensions, negative keywords and anything else related to SEM!

Some helpful comments from the other posts.

1. About account structure

2. Effectively working with a small budget

3. Key takeaways that are easily overlooked (and more could even be added here…)

4. Gmail ads, anyone??

5. How I got started


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