In need of some partnership advice. I done goofed.

hello! So I have been building a gutter company for the past 2 years. I went overseas for awhile and came back and it began to explode. It started as a humble gutter cleaning Co. to help afford a machine so the Co. could hang gutter. when I came back i had to opportunity to get one and the company began almost overnight to take off. I decided to bring in a seemingly honest hard working young man into my business, not only as labor but i then gave him 50% (he seemed very capable of maybe even running this while i do other things). 2 months later, he has a surprise baby on the way and he gets flakey. he doesn't do anything for the Co. except show up to the jobs. He never actually put forth effort into marketing which was his job. then recently told me to go do the job because he was "sore" (he was getting snow cones with his lady). a few days ago I expressed that i wanted to dissolve the partnership and move to another city (far far away from this crap). He then proceeded to begin making demands and hid my assets and prohibited me from getting them. He then demanded i give him full control of the business if i want t see my equipment again. (totaling to about 6500$). i was finally able to get my things back when i threatened charges of theft. however now he refuses to dissolve it unless i give him 5800$. i have made the fatal mistake of giving him 50% of my business (i have a big ole heart) as well as signing a partnership agreement. when i wrote the agreement i had about 6500$ in assets to bring to the table and he had about 250$ (ladder and a drill) so I listed it as we both brought 5700$ worth of tangible and intangible assets to the table due to the fact that he had (and actually proved) a bunch of contractor connections that never came through in the end. what can i do here? I would just like to leave and go to my new city to begin the rebuild. he refuses to lose the partnership and im afraid if i open another one in the new city it will be a conflict of interest. thank you for reading and i could really use some advice so i can finally get some sleep. i tried to kickstart a young entrepreneur and give him the opportunity I was never given and his greed is infinite. I even offered him this entire branch for a measly 10% of profits (that are my share anyway >.>) until the "pot" reaches the value of the equipment then my share defaults to 1%, but it seriously was not good enough for him . He wanted more.


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