LLC formed for home based business using a UPS box address, but the banks ain’t having it….

Not sure how to proceed at all anymore. I recently formed an LLC in Washington State. We are strictly an online business that is home based so we don't have an office address.

We have a registered agent for our business license as it is a requirement. We also use their address as a mailing address for legal/license stuff to be delivered to.

We also rented a UPS store mailbox to acquire a "physical" business location address and listed it as our physical business location address for the licenses.


When I tried to open a bank account online, the bank's underwriter flagged the UPS box address and stated they cannot accept it as our home-based business' physical address.

The problem is none of the business related documents or licenses have my personal residence address listed as the business' physical address.

How do I solve this in the most easiest way? For banking purposes, should I use my personal residence address?

Anyone out there that faced the same dilemna, your input is appreciated.


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