Website suggestions for helping my father’s new small pest control business.

My dad's starting his own business in Pest Control after decades of working for another company and approached me today, being the technical one in the family, to help him get a website going.


He'd love to be able to pay someone to start it out for him, but has many other things to pay for starting out.


I've dabbled in websites on and off for friends/family over the last 15 years and each time I come back to the website world there's always a new bigger and better product.


My question is, what are some good suggestions for a website host and platform to create it on for a simple landing/informational type page?


He's basically looking for a landing page where he can have a form, and a customer can fill it out with what services they're interested in and having that form come to him in his email. Also the basic company information, contact and locations type information on the website.


Pretty basic but there's so much out there it's overwhelming. Looking for something that's easy to manage, functional and has a strong SEO presence. Plan on coupling this with a facebook page and google maps information.


Seen a lot of other threads for small business websites, but a lot of their purposes were more technical than others and wanted to get a better idea on this particular scope.


Thank you in advance. Constructive criticism and suggestions much appreciated!

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