Do I need a “site plan review application” to use a warehouse that’s commercially licensed in order to start a lawn care business?


I found a place to rent (A garage/warehouse style place) to use as headquarters of my business. I talked to the town hall and I was told that if I will be seeing customers there and have employees there, I need to higher an engineer or architect to follow IBC code and create a developing plan (site plan review application).

Do I really need this? My friend is a business owner and he told me this is a bunch of baloney. This place is licensed to be commercially rented/leased. If I register the business name and get an EIN, I should be all set to start my business. Is this true? He has a shop in town.

The town was saying that they want a plan for heat, electric, plumbing… etc.

Who is right? The state is MA. I feel like there is an easier way to do this than to have to higher someone. The place is ZONED and licensed to operate commercially. I don't mind the town giving me trouble, but I'm just wondering what I should do and how to do it cheaply.

Things I'll have at the place: -Employees -Assets -Customer visits

Things I think I need: -insurance -commercially zoned property (Check) -registered business name

Things I don't think I need but town wants me to do when I higher an IBC architect or engineer -recheck heating -recheck pluming -recheck parking spaces, create enough for handicap costumes (I'll have 1-2 costumes at a time and they can park literally by the door)

Do i really need to higher someone who knows International Building Code and pay them to create a drawing of the building? Sounds like an overkill for something simple.


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