Starting a new business, and returning to an Android phone after years in iOS exile. What are some useful small business management and/or productivity apps I should check out?

Some more info: I'm setting myself up as a sole trader (i.e. owner/operator with no employees) precision agriculture consultant. I'll be offering services to farmers including processing & mapping data collected by harvesting machinery, acquiring & processing satellite imagery, advising on equipment and technologies, and doing some GIS work e.g. with elevation models and drainage/surface flow modelling. I won't be dealing in any physical products/stock, so won't need to manage any inventory. I'd like to have some way of developing and managing some kind of "knowledge base" for my own personal use, as I'll be monitoring developments in agricultural research in order to ensure I'm giving the best possible advice to my customers. I'll usually be charging by the hectare (e.g. processing and mapping yield data will cost $x per hectare), but I will also be doing occasional work where I'll be charging by the hour. Any and all suggestions welcomed and appreciated!


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