This may be the wrong sub. Need guidance for proper insurance for my landscaping company without getting fleeced.

I have summers off and started a small LLC mowing lawns last summer. I kept track of overhead, income, all that. By the end of the season my partner and I had over twenty lawns 4x a month with 3-4 large one off jobs(8-10k after cost). We each netted about 36k.

By the end of the season we had a few day labor guys to help out, all cash.

I would like to continue and did not realize how big it was going to get. To handle this season (we are looking at 40% growth) I'm going to need at least 3 full time guys for another lawn team. I have no clue on price for insurance. I need to protect my business from personal or business suits as well as protect my employees in case they get hurt.

Any path pointing or applicable subs would be appreciated.


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