What’s your hiring process (I need help)?

Here is our hiring process and I'm looking for input on what you do that could make our results better.

We typically post jobs on Indeed – is there a better place to post? The jobs are for clerical/admin assistant type of work and we typically state that experience is necessary and provide a pay range. We require a cover letter and resume. Basically a cover letter is required to see if they can follow a simple direction and to know if the applicant is literate (you would be surprised-or not)

We would then weed through the resumes and pick however many are appropriate to interview and reach out to them via Indeed – this is where I think some of the communication breaks down. We have heard a few times over the last round of applicants that they are having problems with Indeed when we are able to finally get in touch them. Are they just full of it? We also hear that people are having problems with their phone, their email, their voicemail so I don't know what to think. Some have no problems at all with Indeed – is it the user or does the applicant really don't want the job from the start?

If we are able to pin down a time/date for an interview, we have them fill out an application that contains a small math quiz, lists references and previous employers, etc.

We call all references listed.

Then we make a verbal offer (to make sure they are still interested) followed by a formal offer via email that they sign and bring with them on their first day.

It just seems that this process takes way too long, two months can fly by trying to find the "right" person and then some times that person makes it through the whole thing only to not show up for their first day.

Any help is appreciated.


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