Does anyone have experience with Quickbooks Invoices AND Invoices to Go? Which one is better?

My dad has a construction business that I have to help him with and he needs a program where he can quickly and easily create invoices/estimates. He has been getting some big projects and the method he's using now to create invoices, which is using an excel spreadsheet, is messy and creates a lot of problems.

He told me to look into Invoices to Go because someone recommended it to him as being very easy to use, but I've heard that Quickbooks is also pretty nifty when it comes to this. I looked at both websites and both seem to be about the same…Is one better than the other? Or is there another program that is even better? Both seem inexpensive, so price is not an issue.

He's not very technologically inclined, so having something easy to use and will keep all the invoices and estimates organized will be incredibly helpful.


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