Honestly, just looking for some encouragement

I was suddenly and very unexpectedly let go from my full-time, decent-paying job last Friday (boss cited "budget cuts"). For the last year, I've been working on getting a certification in a pain relief method I love, (I've been using it myself for years, and finally decided I wanted to get certified in it to help others) and I'll be finishing up the certification this week. (Hooray!)

I now have an opportunity to pursue growing my practice full-time, and as of this morning, I even negotiated a space within a local gym to work with my clients, AND the gym agreed to cover me under their liability insurance, for a cut of my fees. So, I have the space, I have the insurance, I'll have the certification, and I even have access to people who are ready to work with me.

However…it's all so new. I haven't even been unemployed for 5 days, and all this is falling into place. My husband and I have a little bit in savings, (not a lot) but my parents are willing to help with any shortfalls, and everyone in my close circle whom I've told about this opportunity thinks I should definitely go for it (including hubby).

Part of me is like, "This is fantastic!" and the other part of me is like, "This is terrifying! What if something happens? What if NOTHING happens and you fail? Maybe you should just keep applying for normal jobs!"

Assuming I'm not crazy, that I'm a hard worker who understands that small businesses are tough to start and keep alive (I am and I do–both my parents are entrepreneurs, and I've already started two very small businesses before this, so I've had a taste!), and that all the pieces truly are falling into place most fortuitously–am I nuts for pursuing this? I wasn't planning to start pursuing this path this aggressively until maybe several months from now, so it's just a shock that I'm suddenly here and having to get started this week.

Does anyone have any advice for getting over fears, chasing the career of your dreams, and stopping these feelings of "I'm just an imposter who's going to fail [despite holding a certification and working with multiple clients already. Get a grip, brain]"?

Like I said, I'm just kind of in need of a reminder that this is possible. Not "definitely probable," given the stats on the successes of small businesses, particularly in the early years, but possible. Any encouragement? Advice? Personal stories?

Thanks for anything. This is just a weird place to find myself so suddenly.


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