I’m a member of the military and about to buy my first business, a bowling alley. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've been in the military almost 10 years and just got stationed in a small town. My two children, my wife, and I are driving in our car and noticed a bowling alley for sale. It has 24 lanes, a full kitchen, and arcade! I've been bowling since I was 3, and think this is an amazing opportunity to make some money.

The current owners have had it for 21 years and are ready to retire. Ready so much in fact that they are going to help finance me taking it over from them. They've never missed a payment and have done just fine for themselves, having never really advertised or anything. Their reasoning for this is that they haven't really needed to, being the only bowling alley around (besides the one on base) for many miles.

** Some background information: I own a house in California that I'm currently doing well with renting out. I have no experience running a business, nor a degree. I am working closely with a business development center in creating my business plan, projections, and such.

I'm really excited about where this will take my family and I and would appreciate any insight about bowling alleys, marketing, or anything I should look out for being a first time business owner.


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