I’ve got a client that keeps pushing payment – from week to week – and now it’s almost 2 months overdue. Any advice on how to resolve this BS?

It's not a lot of money….basically just a small design project (approx $1k). I typically request payment within 15 days of completion of project. And as long as I get $$ within around 30-40 days, I'm not too bothered. But with this guy it's getting to 80+ days. And the biggest piss off is that he's ignoring emails, calls, etc.

I don't know what my lawyer can do, as any legal involvement will cost at least $300-$600. And if not a letter from my lawyer (which I'm not sure what that'll do), do I really want to bring this guy to small claims court….is it worth it?

This guy doesn't have any sort of online presence (older dude). So social media shaming isn't a possibility.

He was my office neighbour for over 2 years. One that I did multiple favours for. So really surprised he's being so disrespectful with all of this.

I'm close to just ripping up the invoice, and just moving on….I've got bigger fish to fry. Just hate the idea of letting people getting away with poor and unethical business practices.

Any advice on an effective way of resolving this?


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