Never have sales or always have sales?

I'm going to open up my 2nd shop – this time just selling general merchanise. My original shop, I went with the Apple approach of focusing on luxury market where I rarely have sales on items.

It helps maintain a sense of worth for the items theyve purchased. The products are high value niche items, with high presentation (fancy ass box) and good customer support/warranty.

But this time…not sure if i should be going the same way if a lot of my products will be around the $20-$45 range.

I've heard about some execs who removed the notion of sales from their stores (replace with "everyday low prices") and revenue plummeted – as customers like the "idea" of getting a deal, even tho the sale price is what the retailer was looking for.

Should i continously have sales and count the revenue from non-sale items as a bonus?


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