Tax / disorganization mess. Start over?

First off, I blame myself for not allocating the proper time and attention to my own situation, but I'm ready to address it, fix it, and move on with many lessons learned. In a nut shell I started my LLC for a recording studio when I was extremely young via Legal zoom. Ended up owing a ton of taxes, I used a family CPA at the time, who failed to give me proper guidance on the matter. (I found out in later years that my LLC was incorrectly classified, and I was paying taxes on all of the money all of my contractors made. Fast forward to going through a nasty divorce (ex was my biz partner) – I then proceeded to neglect pretty much everything. Now I have 2 years worth of items to organize, missing forms, and other areas that would require manual entry, etc. I'm at the point where I just want to "start over." I've tried multiple bookkeepers, all who let me down. (The last one LOST my quickbooks file.) Is there a way to legally pay a fine or something, and just start fresh across the board? Should I hire a tax attorney, or bite the bullet, try and figure out what went wrong, manually enter & file with the IRS and try and get re-organized without losing my hair lol. Any help would greatly be appreciated!


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