Competitors keep closing, but we’re always on the rise, what is wrong with the other people?

I want to preface this by saying in no way am I bragging or tooting my own horn.

We have had our brick and mortar video game shop since 2010. It's basically an LAN/arcade that offers repairs, game and console sales, hosts parties, and other events with a wide selection of drinks and snacks.

That being said since we opened in 2010 there have been at least 5 or 6 similar (or pretty much exactly the same) businesses that have come and gone. Locations have ranged from down the street from us to on a military base with a large customer base that couldn't even leave the base (so a captive audience if you will)…

My question remains how can our business remain steady, and even experience decent growth year after year when everyone else that's tried it makes it a year or two and closes up?

I don't think we're doing anything they can't do. I have even raised our peak hour pricing, raised party prices, and never really done much conventional advertising. I only have a high school graduate education however I do love to work.

I know some of the other places had better locations, more money behind their start up, and nicer equipment. I just don't know where they went wrong. Any ideas on what could be setting us apart from the rest?


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