Product Launch Checklist, trying to keep it simple in 23 steps

Hello everyone!


I was searching about a product launch, and I stumbled upon a pretty good checklist that a fellow redditor recommended. I though you might find it useful 🙂 I've summarized/paraphrased/elaborated the main steps below from my personal knowledge:


1. Does your product has a clear value proposition, something people would really be willing to pay money for? Why would they come to you?


2. What incentives your early buyers have to buy your product (so you can quickly gain the precious early feedback)?


3. Is your product launch interesting, even to people that would not buy? Would they still enjoy hearing or reading about the launch?


4. Have you built anticipation into the launch, and are prospects excited? (Through a mail list, Facebook page, social medias…)


5. Have you built urgency into the launch? (links to point 2.)


6. Are your sales materials (landing page, call-to-action, product descriptions) optimized and fully ready for desktop AND smartphone?


7. Is your website fully ready to accept customers? (payment options, shipping price & tax, contact form…)


8. Even if you think 6. and 7. are ok, get a friend to proofread and test everything. It would be a shame to loose a few early customers to basic bugs.


9. Do you have ads ready to be rolled, and an affiliate program set-up (you might want to do this well in advance, and find affiliates before the actual launch in order to promote it)?


10. Set some monetary expectations for the launch. How many sales do you want to see, how much profit, etc.


11. Set up a backup plan for processing funds (additionnal paypal account, multiple payment methods…)


12. De-clutter your Email and your personal life to be fully concentrated on the launch.


13. Have a strong launch message ("You all waited for it, and now we are online! The first 50 orders get -40%, so if you see this message, you are still in time!" or whatever) to publish on your blog/social media/landing page.


14. Schedule to launch to match your customer time-zone/period of activity. Early morning works great for general products, 12am for work-related items, and 4pm for leisure services/products.


15. Soft launch 10+ minutes early to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


16. Write a personal message to the first few buyers to ask for feedback, if everything went OK during the order process.


17. If times allows, write a thank you note/email to all your customers in the first few days. Word-to-mouth is an extremely effective marketing tool.


18. If you can, find influencers to promote your new product (media, bloggers, etc).


19. Write to your affiliates to let them know that it's time to make some money.


20. Try to establish a social media presence before the launch, and exploit the hell out of it ASAP.


21. Try to go above and beyond for your first few customers. How can you have them say "whah, that amazing!" when they receive the product? A nice box, a handwritten thank you note, an additional gift…


22. ???


23. Profit.


I hope you found it useful, and I'm sorry if I repeated some things. The whole list is available in the resources pages of (not affiliated in any way, just trying to help you guys as a thank you for all the things I learnt from this community).


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