Competitor is tryting to damage my business on Booking com and Im not sure what to do…

Hi everyone, thanks for the sub I found a lot of great info here.

I will try to keep it short – I specialise in hospitality services providing luxury apartments, and started not so long ago – a few months. My main platform is Booking com, and everything was great until yesterday when I found out that my main competitor that has many more apartments in the area , is trying to damage me by methods such as reserving my apartments for good dates then last minute canceling and other shady stuff. We have a somewhat non refundable policy and customers must provide a bank card with the reservation, but there are some ways around it such as empty cards post fact and things like that. We are thinking to ask for some passport photos , but its still inconvenient for my customers and I thought maybe you folks would have better ideas than me, because thy WILL do it and its a matter of time.

I try to do my buisness clean and improve it by exceptional service , and they try this kind if scummy shit and I dont know if the website will even care since by design they can pay more money in commissions as for now…Help me with an advice please I really need it.


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