Looking to sell ed-tech business/website

A few years ago I created http://www.studytrove.com. We offer high school practice resources and an essay feedback service. We were featured in the San Jose Mercury News a few years back: http://www.mercurynews.com/2014/08/20/cupertino-students-develop-studytrove-to-help-peers-prepare-for-tests-2/

In the last two months we've had 539 unique visitors, and 1,624 page views, mostly people who used our free study resources. In regards to the essay editing, in the past I've had a relationship with AACT School District in Nevada, who provided a great testimonial after using our service for 2 years (profited around $4000). Since 2017 I've been busy with college, so the only essay feedback clients have been one classroom in California trying us for a free pilot. However, I've received around ~50 teachers/administrators who inputted their email on StudyTrove saying they were interested.

I think the main value in purchasing this business would be the fact that the site is already completed, we have some brand awareness/product validation, but most importantly its the contacts I've made. I don't know too much about school marketing, but if you think you can close deals with schools, I have 50 educators in the pipeline waiting to be contacted. I've also developed relationships with investors who expressed interest, education entrepreneurs who have received deals on Shark Tank, University of California Admissions Officers, prominent education nonprofits who were interested in partnering, college professors who were interested in helping out, UC Berkeley startup incubators who give out funding, etc.

Right now I know the business isn't huge, but there's a solid base to build on. I know it's not the right project for me anymore, but I would love to pass the business on to someone who can put all the pieces together and make something out of it. Sorry if this isn't the right post for the subreddit. Appreciate you reading this, look forward to hearing to you all and what you have to say.


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