How to develop an existing idea in my home country?

Hi Reddit! First, please apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue.

It's been months now I am thinking of developing an existing idea in my country, but I'm stuck. Basically, there is this product, made by a UK association (they commercialise the said product )

My question is: Can I make profit, selling the product in my home country whereas my potential clients can buy it online directly from the association. How could I justify that I'm selling the same product at a higher price ? For your information, I live in France. (In case it plays in the context)

Product can be useful for high schools, cities, restaurants, shops etc. Product costs something like 400$.

Would it be viable to start a small business selling this product?

Thanks a lot for your help, hopefully you'll help me stop thinking day and night of a way to develop my project. (Fyi, I'm 24 🙂 )



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