I don’t have “friends and family” who will invest in my business and I am too young to get a bank loan, how do I go about raising money ?

I'm 19 and I am looking to start my business. I am looking to raise $25,000. I don't have any credit history, so the bank won't give me a loan and all of my friends and family are quite poor and can't afford to loan me money. How do I find people to pitch the idea to? I'm in a small town in rural South Carolina, there aren't angel investors or anything like that here. There's a decent sized city about 35 minutes away that I think is a good prospect, but my question is how do I find people to pitch to? Do I just look up local business owners and call them asking to pitch to them? Do I call the heads of local trade organizations? I am a novice and am looking for help finding people to pitch my business too.


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