Looking for tips to promote my mothers brick and mortar business!

Hi guys, firstly wanted to say thanks to everyone on this reddit for growing my understanding of businesses in the last few months.

Anyway, my mum has been running a hairdressing and nail treatment shop by herself for over a year now. Some weeks she makes a good profit, other weeks not so much. She's making enough to get by (shop+house rent, food, etc) but that's been demotivating her lately as she wants to make more, and I really want to help her. She has been able to create a decent returning customer base due to her being highly skilled in her profession but hasn't got very much of an internet presence – just a facebook page with under 200 likes. Ultimately, that's why I think her business has more potential.

  • I've got plans of starting a website for her, but not sure how I can take advantage of a website.
  • I've heard Instagram is good for business, but will it help a brick and mortar store? I know Instagram would definitely be great for online businesses.
  • Been looking at facebook advertising too, makes the most sense as it targets customers locally. Based on that, would promoting a competition to win X services for free be a good idea for a small facebook page?

I'd say most of her clients are women aged 25+ and the shop is located in a beach-side type of town – any way to take advantage of that? I would love your suggestions, whether you have experience or not.

Thanks guys, if you need any more information just let me know in comments!


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