Tons of competition, help please!

I work at a small business that is competing with two other businesses in an exceptionally small town. Our neighbors are a dollar store turned toy store that has been there for 20 odd years and the other guys are a used book store turned "nerd" store. We mostly focus on traditional games like cards and board games.

A few years ago we were doing pretty well, our advertising and social media presence was pretty solid. We took an early lead on Facebook and heard from people all over. But over the years our media reach has dropped considerably and due to our buisness struggling we have had to cut our paid advertising to a minimum to maintain our stock. Even when we pay for extra Facebook reach we don't notice a significant gain.

Our competitors are always approached first with community projects and collaborations if we are asked at all, in spitenof us giving to a huge variety of charities, being involved in every community gathering we hear about, and generally trying to stay in the public eye.

What can we do to regain favor in our community and edge out our competition? Looking for any and all advice. I don't have a ton of say in what the company does but anything is better than sitting on my butt.


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