Help/ Advice – Landlord has made me a tempting offer..

I opened my business last February in an 1750sq' unit.. I have been getting busier & busier & am now at the point where I am outgrowing it.. My landlord called me over the other day & asked what my long term goals are, where do I see the business in 5 years..

There is a local grant available for small business's where they can match your funding for up to £90k. Obviously, I don't have £90k, but he has asked if I would be willing to apply for it if he fronted the £90k on his side, in order to have a new building built.

This would give me 4 times my premises size, at the same rent, at the same address, and he ends up with a new improved/ larger building after the lease is up.

I have had no problems with my landlord, I am really tempted by this proposal, but just want to make sure its the right move. I dont want to be getting into a scam..

It is open to people renting, so long as they have a lease in place. My other big worry would be that after 5 years, he wants 4x the amount of rent..

Any advice?


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