High School Social Media Organization-How can we find more clients?

So a couple of friends at school and I opened up a social media management organization, where we try to hit up organizations and offer free social media management on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. At first, in order to reach out to clients, we searched for unappealing websites and reached out to the organization the websites' belonged to via email. We usually never got a response back except for a few rare cases they rejected us. Next, we discovered VolunteerMatch, in which we found many clients who NEEDED social media management. We reached out to them, and had many responses back. However, after a couple emails back and forth, most ghosted on us. We believe our appeal is that we're high school students and thus "more in touch with technology", but this might translate to us being unqualified. What are some ways we can find more clients? VolunteerMatch is running low, we reached out to every organization which requested help. We only have ~2 clients (one through a connection). We landed a new client today in California, but what they want is not too much. We really want to expand and work with new people, so how could we go about this?


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