Capital One Spark a good option for my new video production company?

I'm starting a video production company, and I just got my LLC approved and I have an EIN and so forth. Now I'm looking at banking options. Obviously I would like something free, and I've looked at a couple of options. My local bank seems to have a few fees and restrictions associated with business accounts, so that doesn't seem like the best option. Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank both have branches sort of near me, and seem to have sort of free options? Do any of you have experience with those? I was also looking at Capital One Spark, and they seem to beat the competition in a lot of ways except when it comes to handling cash. Is that going to be an issue for a videography business? As of right now I don't imagine I'll be handling a lot of transactions, and they will all be over at least $300, but what will I do if someone wants to give me cash?


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