How to pay my salesperson

Hi! I've very recently started my first business and I'm looking for some guidance. I produce specialty mushrooms and sell to local restaurants/food trucks/ farmer's markets/etc. I'm good at the production/operations side of things, and I have a business partner who is good at the finance/accounting side if things. However, we both suck at sales! Obviously we do make sales, but neither of us really have that knack. We're also still fairly small so outright hiring a salesperson seems out of reach (maybe I don't have the right mindset here?). I do have a good friend who I know to be a good salesperson who has expressed interest in working with us, knowing full well that for now it will be sort of on and off part time work. I feel like this could be a good arrangement for both parties since we're both looking for something flexible, but I'm not sure how I should compensate them in this scenario. Do I offer a commission right off the top? Or more of a profit sharing thing? If either of these, how do I determine how much? Also, due to the nature of the business, a single sales interaction often results in continued weekly sales, i.e., call a restaurant, set up a weekly order of 5lbs, and you don't have to think about it again unless they change up. How does commission work for these sorts of continued sales? Any perspective is greatly appreciated.


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