How to start making sales as a new online business selling a B2C service?

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this reddit, so if this is not an appropriate post, sorry in advance, and mods please remove.

Some friends and I have just started a small business that provides ghostwriting services for a number of things, but in particular we are trying to push sales on a service where we write customized dating profiles. We interview the customer (online or over the phone), and then our board of writers uses analytics and creative writing to create a profile that showcases who that person is in a positive and attractive way. We also provide comments and suggestions for photographs.

Since our team is from a marketing/writing background, we're great at what we do, but we're not so great at sales yet. How do we begin selling, or collecting leads? Any and all advice is very appreciated. Our website isn't fully up yet, but we have a landing page ( if that is helpful. You can also contact us at


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