Need help ( please read )

So, my mom decided to start making handmade natural cosmetics mainly for women (soaps, body milk, face creams, toothpaste, all kinds of skin creams). She really digs it and to be fair does a good job. She gets her ingredients from France (all kinds of oils and other stuff) which are really hight quality and therefore the price that we had put on this products are not cheap but are not extremely expensive either – kinda mid range. Now, she started doing this 2 months ago and firstly we handed this products to all our friends to try out and most of them liked it. A lot of them continued to purchase and said to their own friends about the cosmetics so those people started buying it as well. My father owns a printing shop so labeling our products isn't a problem. We pack our all products in good looking bags and overall the presentation of our products is good.

But, since the main part of our customers are our friends I would liked to help the business and spread the product to other people. I would like if someone here could give me advices on how to do that? What could I do to promote the product to other people? We already made flyers that we will start to hand in the next two weeks or so, but what else could we do? Keep in mind that we did not invest a lot of money so far, and really could not afford to air TV commercials or such. I really think that this business idea is good, and would really like to do anything at my power to help it grow.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my English it is not my native lanugage.


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