Need help with the legal stuff…

I have been doing stained glass as a hobby since 2009. I never got a tax id or business license or filed on my personal taxes any thing to do with my hobby even though I made a few sales from it. I never made over $200 a year on anything. I currently have consignment agreements with two stores locally and I will soon be selling at 2 faires. I want to get everything straight and legal so I am researching what all I need to do. What do I set as my business start date? Everything that happened with my business happened fast and spur of the moment so I don't really have records. Also, I am learning how to do the book keeping part this may be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway: In the spreadsheet I use you put down a starting balance…I have no clue what to put here. I didn't really start with anything but my own money here and there over the course of 8 years…How do I figure this part out? I guess I am just wondering where do I start?


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