Opinions wanted: Splitting a business partnership that shares a domain name.

Hello and thank you in advance for your help!

I built a website with my biz partner and things have come to an end. We spent time and energy trying to get momentum on the company so we both feel it would be a waste to toss away all of our biz cards, the award we just won, etc.

We thought we would take our (premium membership) wix website and turn it into just a landing page, with a 50/50 split on the screen, half her, half me. Clients could click on whomever it was they came to purchase the services of. ((We can't separate by industry because she refuses to accept she is not a member of my profession, so we are both essentially offering the same service.))

The problem I now see is that any content that I build, SEO and whatnot registers it to the same thing as hers. I want to know if I should attempt to: Change the premium member ship to a new site that I create for myself, while paying her the due amount for her half, and leave our original webpage as a BASIC wix page that is free. It seems silly to me to pay for premium membership on a website that would be a single page, leading to two other sites.

Do you think that it's impossible to split and that it should be a matter of one fully buying the other out? Because we are new and project based there is no way to put a value on the domain…

I really appreciate your opinions, as I have few folks around me who have their own small businesses and don't have help.

If it matters, We started a biz with my career as one half and hers in another industry as another half. Only my half was paying so she decided she's equal in talent and ability to me in my industry and wanted to move ahead as doing JUST my industry. I refused to toss my career away to join her as an "equal" and so I said no partnership at all if you can't refocus on what you said you would bring to the table. Also, I built the site and have no qualms building an all new one.


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