Question about childcare payments from business account

I am a sole proprietor looking to set up a business banking account. I use my social for taxes, but the business name is not my legal name simply because it is long and complicated and no one can remember or spell it.

One of the ways to waive the maintenance fee on the account is by using the debit card for $250 or more a month. I do not have $250 worth of business expresses. I do however have more than $250 in child care costs.

I know that childcare is not considered a necessity business expense by the irs and I want to use tax credits for child care when we file for 2017. So I don't want to mess this up. Would it be OK for me to use the business debit card to pay for child care as a sole proprietor using my social for taxes, or should I continue to pay for child care out of my personal account? I'm in Arizona if that matters.



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