Starting new brick and mortar business: buy for quality or low cost?

Im planning to start a small workout (group fitness) studio. I know demand is there because there are already two in my area and they are full (based on their website showing available spots left for people to sign up) for about 70% their classes.

My question is: when looking to buy equipment that are pretty much once off purchases (eg sound system, weights, renovation on the shop space, etc) would it be better to buy good quality/branded at a higher cost, or buy a cheaper but still usable version until I'm more established then upgrade?

I feel like buying quality straight away would save cost in the long run, and establish the image of my business as being more up-market (eg having bose or yamaha speakers compared to china made no name speakers). However, there's the risk that by spending too much (unnecessarily) on such things i'll have less working capital and thus be less ready to deal with unforeseen problems (eg surviving low than projected initial sales, etc)

Thanks in advance.


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