Looking for the right VOIP phone system

I am looking for a phone system that will allow the customer to call the Main Number on the website. When they call that number, it will ring Team Member #1 and Team Member #2 at the same time. If neither answers, then it will ring a third number for a Live Answering Service. It has to work in such a way that if Team Member #1 or Team Member #2's phones go to voice mail due to not having good service or for hitting decline or whatever, it does not then go to that phone's voice mail; instead, it just keeps ringing until it goes to the Live Answering Service. Ring Central told me they could do this, but they were wrong. I currently have my numbers in Vonage, and they had it working for a while but something went wrong and they don't seem to know how to fix it, and I've had numerous unexplained outrages with them and need to get out. Does such a system exist?


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