Suggestions for free inventory management and booking software?

Hello folks

Long time lurker here and I decided to make an account so I can hopefully get some advice from you all.

Background info, I just started a business building and renting wheelchairs. Since I build them, and a lot of parts go into them, I am always ordering random items, but keeping track of what I need, what I already ordered, and what I have can get cumbersome.

Does anyone know of an inventory management software that is free and very simple? I basically have part numbers, a description, quantity on hand, qty on order, qty needed, etc.

Another thing I am looking for is a booking management system. So for example, let's say I have 15 wheelchairs that are available to rent. I need something where I tell the software, hey I have someone renting a chair from 5/6-5/12. And then a calendar or something that shows availability of the wheelchairs during certain time periods so that when someone calls to rent, I know whether or not I have availability during the dates that they want one.

Any advice would be appreciated Cheers Nick


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