Client encouraging to start coaching/consulting business full-time. Looking for advice on clientele growth and monetization of my business

Hi Guys,

Let me start off by saying I am not a professional coach/life advisor and never aspired to be one. I have spent years trying to sort out the meaning of life for myself and came to profound conclusions about life and how to lead a fully content life.

My friends also started to notice my passion and enthusiasm in the subject. Recently my first-to-become client came up asking for paid life coaching/motivation sessions. Fully happy with the session asking for more, he encouraged me to give up my daily engineering position and get into "life consulting" full time, so my "potential" is not wasted.

I am somewhat reluctant to give up my job for the time being, for the same reason as any budding entrepreneur. I still need to cover my living expenses, though I am fortunate to keep them low and am able to save up a significant portion of my salary each month.

Now let’s cut to the chase. I am working on website where I intend to share motivational writings, create a yt channel/upload videos, give people chance to find me and book sessions, all this to show people happiness is a choice and it’s possible to live out your life in this understanding. I did a bit of research to see how coaches work, which usually comes down to offering private meetings and writing motivational books for people to read. This seems like a good starting point in establishing my business, but I have no real experience attracting clientele. I also rent out a room and have no place to accommodate sessions with clients at my place. What I do have is professional recording camera and fiery determination to make this work.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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