Need some advice on renting a warehouse space.

I own a relatively successful, but small candle company and I'm hoping to take a leap from a my current home based business and move it to a small warehouse. The warehouse would be used for manufacturing and storage and would increase my overall production. Here's the thing, I'm not real estate savvy and my only renting experiencing is in housing, not industrial spaces. I found a space that looks very promising and I reached out to the broker for more information.

The space is 840 sqft with a private office and bathroom (included in the 840 sqft). The rent is $0.75 + $0.07/sf/mo (not sure why it's broken down that way instead of $0.82/sf/mo). Electricity is individually metered and is billed monthly. Includes AC/heating and lighting. 12 month lease – modified net lease type. I contacted the broker and asked if the tenant is responsible for maintenance/taxes/insurance/etc. and he said the only charges are rent and individual electricity.

Now, I'm a very hesitant person and that's amplified in this situation since I'm not an expert on renting industrial spaces. To me, this looks like a perfect situation, which gives me "too good to be true" feelings but I definitely don't want to pass up on it if it is what it seems to be.

If you have experience with renting industrial space and/or have your own warehouse space, how does this seem to you? Do you have any advice for any questions I should be asking/what I should be learning?


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