New media agency- NEED HELP for our marketing and website

To give a short intro I've been running a media agency from the past 6 months and have been generating leads mostly through references and networking in the city. Otherwise we use cold calls generally to get new clients from the city itself. To be completely honest, the usual response rate from these cold calls is roughly 10%.

So basically now we've started to look at Facebook marketing as a method to increase our leads for the business. We are planning to use detailed targeting in the city such as CEOs, head of sales/ marketing executives or even startups as our ideal clients. I'm not too sure if we're going in the right direction with this however?

Also, we feel that our website isn't designed well enough for online conversions and don't know exactly what we can do about it. We've tried changing our homepage up a bit but a glance at google analytics will tell you that people tend to spend around 10 seconds on our page averagely. All our clients tend to say that although our website looks decent, there's no information regarding what we exactly do on it.

So in simpler words, we're kinda lost on what we can do and looking for some way to move forward with this.

Our website is:


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