Staring a solo travel business in my town


I'm a licensed guide and I want to start the first business to offer trips in my town. My town is relatively small (up to 25 000 people if you count surrounding areas), it has sights to offer, and there is almost no competition. I made a fake call to a few of the large hotels in the area, and they offer no guided trips. I'm looking for ideas on how to start this business.

My thoughts so far:

  • make a website (I can do it on my own)
  • offer a few trips (about 3 different trips)
  • strong facebook marketing
  • make deals with hotels and setup promotional material
  • there are up to 10 000 visitors to my town according to tourist data, so there should be something to work with

Things to consider:

  • most of these tourist are italians as my town is right on the border with Italy (90% off season and 60-70% during main season)
  • they come to our town for casinos (more than 5 casinos just in our small city)
  • I don't speak italian fluently, only english
  • I cannot open an agency due to law restrictions (need capital and a lot about 4 years of experience working in tourist agency)
  • I could make a deal with the company I'm currently working for in our capital
  • it would not be my full time job, so it needs to start small

Would it make sense just to test with a small investment, so, starting a website and doing some facebook promotion to see how things work? Eventually, I'd only want to do 1-2 trips per week.

Thank you for any advice in advance and feel free to ask for any additional information!


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