Where to seek advice for business strategy/business vision?

Hi guys,

I am the newly appointed GM of a small manufacturing and distribution company.

In the past years the business was operated by folks approaching their retirement. The business was profitable and they didn't see any point in trying to make it bigger or even more profitable.

In the past two years, I have been working all angles of this company, all cost aspects and all sale aspects. I have also tried to built a strong strategy, a strong vision.

Results were quick and somewhat impressive, yet I find my self confused. I am not lucky enough to have a network of entrepreneurs and I lack the input I would require in many situations. I have so many ideas that I just cannot seem to put in place because of the uncertainty it would be a good idea. I am also stuck in a pickle in a few specific spots where I am not sure how to grow or if it's actually good or not.

Is there somewhere a community where we can share our ideas, our vision and also give input on ideas of others. I have been searching over FB and here and nothing really seems to fit. There are many place for case studies but that is not what I am looking for.

I would like to, without getting too specific in the details, find a place where I could share my strategic view, give info on how my market works, get input, get help on certain mind-boggling spots, etc. And also collaborate the same for other people,

Any place comes to mind?


Note: English is not my first language, there is probably many little mistakes.


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