2 Devoted Felons Let Go Need Advice

Hello everyone, I have been lurking this sub for a few years now and have always been delighted to see people change their lives around. Now let me tell you a little about my situation. When my cousin and I were 18 we got sentenced to prison for 3 years, it was a non violent crime but nonetheless a crime. When we finished our sentences we were able to find jobs as janitors in a HUGE car company. It took 30 minutes to walk from one end to another. After given the chance to work and learning how to clean different things and in different ways, we really started being needed in the factory and would be called often to work weekends. All is great. Now here is why this situation is difficult. We both have kids from before being incarcerated but no longer with the mothers. Our companies contract expired at the big car company. We were offered other jobs in the same company but with lower pay and working at different facilities with more responsibility which is not worth the pay. We were at $15 before we got sent to dis-employment and really don't have the funds to be getting paid less. Our plan is to start our own business and start looking for our own customers but we are both only 22 and can be perceived very threatening due to all of our tattoos that even go up to our face. We are both very kind and hard working people but have made poor choices when we were kids but have since matured. I am just afraid people will not want to work with us due to our looks and past history. I suppose this entire thread was to see if it's possible to start our own business with the skills we have learned even if we look menacing. We really have put the past behind us and only want to provide the life our kids deserve. Thanks for reading everyone any advice will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day.


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