Can my landlord collect NNN on an expense he doesn’t pay?

Hi all. I have had a lease on a spot for 10 months now. It is a stand alone building with two units. The units share one water meter. The water bill has always been collected by the landlord and factored in the NNN costs. The building sold to a new owner after my first month. The new landlord estimated the water bill at 5x the amount as the previous landlord and adjusted the NNN accordingly. The tenet in the unit next to mine thought that was ridiculous, so they signed a new lease that made them responsible for paying the full water bill. My lease is still good, but the recent "settlement of NNN expenses" still had the water bill calculated in. This is no small amount – $232.08 per month and I only have a hand sink and one toilet.

My neighbor takes over the water bill this month, so I asked my landlord about subtracting the $232.08 from my lease payment. They ignored my question. If I just subtract it and tell them why, how much trouble am I in?


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