Capability Statements/Pre-Bid Conferences

Hi Guys,

I did a search here and on Entrepreneur but didn't find what I am looking for.

2 part questions:

Small company starting to get into the realm of government procurement (State and Federal). I need a capability statement, is there a place I can get a template or would just a word document highlighting our information work? Also, we are currently working on several certs. Should we mention we are in the process of obtaining them or leave that off?

b) Pre-bid conferences: There are several local state bids coming up that we are interested in however our company isn't large enough to handle them as yet. I'm wondering if it would be okay/appropriate to still go and hand out our capability statements to the companies bidding on them? Some of these companies would be from out of state. Would giving them our cards/statements be worth it?

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated.


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