Considering a studio space for growing floral business

I have recently started a floral design business. I have years of experience in my field. However, I am halfway through my first year officially running my own business and it's growing faster than I imagined. I currently maintain a part time job while running my floral business from home. I'm at a tipping point where I am making lots of money, but its becoming difficult to do both. My home is very small with little room for my work, so I have been looking into a studio. I've found a space that would be shared with another wedding related business (who has a great reputation in my city.) I have found that the cost of rent will be close to what I am currently earning through my business, so on slower months essentially breaking even. I believe that I will have more organization and focus working through this space and therefore earn more, but I'm scared of taking the leap and losing what I've gained in such a short time. Essentially I want to know if it's too early to make this leap, and how do you know when it's time to invest in yourself like this?


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