Do I need to form an LLC immediately?

Hi there. So I've recently started a clothing company though Shopify, an ecommerce platform and using a dropshipping platform to produce my products. So after doing some research it turns out I will need to establish my company as an LLC eventually in order to receive profit and be able to receive money back from taxes when I donate to charity or something like that. I was thinking about using a service like LegalZoom or IncFile to establish it as it seems like the easiest way. Also, I am located in California.

So here are my questions that I would love an answer to, as I am very new to this and curious!

Most Important:

  • Can I run my apparel company without forming an LLC until I have enough money (keep from collecting profit until the LLC is established)

  • Can I collect profit and make donations to charity without an established LLC

Other Questions that would be helpful:

  • Does anyone have endorsements for something like Legal Zoom or IncFile, or would you suggest anything else?


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