Just inherited a small business, now what?

A close relative recently passed away (last week) and I was left their small heating and air conditioning business in Texas, where I also live.

As a child, I spent ages 8-17 and some of my early twenties working for the business in some capacity or another but went to college, four years ago started a career with the federal government. It's probably good to note that I am confident in my skills to pass any and all license examinations required by the State of Texas, licensing is no issue.

I have been considering a career change or my job's equivalent in the private sector, but have made no efforts to do so. I don't have much experience on the administrative side of running a small business but am willing to take on the challenge. The previous owner ran it all himself with no tech as far as finances are concerned and most of the employees are sub-contractors who are fully supportive of my involvement. I figured r/smallbusiness would be a good place to start. I'd love to hear from anyone that may have been in a similar situation or take any advice on where I should go from here.



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