Clarification Between a Business Phone Line versus a Residential Phone Line.

My father runs a small sign fabrication company from home (self-employed and only employee) and he's been using a Business Phone Line from our service provider for over 10 years, at a hefty cost.

Are there any differences in a Business Phone Line versus a Residential Phone Line, in the scope of his small home business? Specifically:

(1) I've been told many years ago that a Business Phone Line is automatically listed in various catalogs (e.g., Yellow Pages). Is this true? My father's primary source of new clients is sourced through listings, but I'm not sure if it's in relation to the Business Phone Line.

(2) He takes one or two calls every day or two from prospective clients that don't last more than 10-15 minutes, so I don't believe he needs to volume in which I'm assuming a Business Phone Line provides.

(3) Are there any benefits to a Business Phone Line (if any) over a Residential Phone Line, especially in relation to advertising or listings(if that's a thing). Things like traffic volume, service level, or multiple phone numbers are not applicable in his work environment.

Any insight or thoughts is kindly appreciated.


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